2018 MakerGeeks 3D GeekBox Review Roundup and Why I Am No Longer A Subscriber

Back in March of 2018, I began my subscription to the MakerGeeks 3D GeekBox.  It was a rocky road, culminating in my October, November and December boxes being canceled and refunded.  As of now I have canceled my subscription and will not be resubscribing anytime in the near future.  As I have said in my monthly reviews, I do believe the filament is great quality for the price, however, the execution and logistics have been horrible.  Not just with the GeekBox but with general shipping and inventory, it seems as though they frequently have items available for sale on their website but no actual inventory to back it up.  As of the new year, they have revamped their website and pricing structure, maybe they are trying to rectify the current logistical issues, we will have to wait and see.

Previous monthly GeekBox reviews are here:

The previous reviews give a glimpse into what I and many others have dealt with when subscribing to the monthly GeekBox.  Some months were hit or miss, with regards to timing and content.  The final straw that lead to my subscription cancellation and a refund of the final three boxes of the year started in October when I was double billed for my GeekBox.

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MakerGeeks 3D Geek Box Review – September 2018

For most of the month of September the continual hype of this month’s geek box continued to roll into my inbox. This months geek box was in celebration of MakerGeeks 2 years of geek boxes. September was the first month of the geek box subscription roll out. The hype was for a geek box this month worth $100. Well that’s exactly what everyone got, a $100 gift card to use at Maker Geeks. To get my gift card I had to purchase it using a coupon code MakerGeeks provided to me in an email. I have already redeemed my gift card and used a portion of it. All in all pretty successful geek box this month, good work MakerGeeks.

MakerGeeks 3D Geek Box Review – June/July 2018

Since I received both my June 2018 and July 2018 MakerGeeks Geek Boxes back to back, I decided to just combine the content reviews. At this point I am fully caught up with my GeekBox subscriptions however it has been a long time coming. There has been a lot of chatter about MakerGeeks and their shady business practices, along with some pretty bad ratings by the BBB. While I have never had any issues with their filament, I will certainly say the support and service has been hit and miss. If you purchase from them or sign up for the monthly GeekBox you are doing so at your own risk. I am hoping that the customer service and issues with supply, shipping logistics are apart of company growing pains, that they can work through. At this point I am taking my subscription month by month, if there is another long delay like I had with my June geek box, I will most likely be stopping my subscription.

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MakerGeeks 3D Geek Box 3 Month Reivew – March/April/May 2018

Back in November 2017 I bought my first MakerGeeks filament, a grab bag of 1 roll of Maker PLA, 1 roll Crystal PLA, 1 roll of Maker PETG and 1 roll of Crystal PETG, combined with a Black Friday coupon code they were running at the time.  I knew they had a monthly subscription box but as I was just starting out with 3D printing, I didn’t want to commit to that just yet.  I also wanted to try out a few different brands to get an idea of how each filament brand would print.  After doing some research of what the past 3D Geek Boxes consisted of and watching some unboxing/reviews, I decided to jump in since their promotional email flyer said it was going to be a “Big One.”

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