How to Save Money on MakerGeeks 3D Geek Box Subscription

If you are currently a Geek Box subscriber or looking to subscribe, the best thing you can do is pay attention to the coupon codes and promotions MakerGeeks emails out.  Currently they are running a 30% off coupon MASS30, what might not be common knowledge is that these coupons can usually be applied to your monthly Geek Box subscription cost.  If you go to your subscription management page, it will show you the most current renewal date.  Underneath that box there will be an option to Apply a discount code, enter in MASS30 and it will take $8.98 off of your next Geek Box renewal.

MakerGeeks Geek Box Subscription Management Page
Ever since I realized this was possible I would try and apply any coupon code they provided me with to get a discount on my Geek Box renewal.  So far the codes I received as part of being a Geek Box subscriber have worked (when they give a discount code).  I would use the prior months code to get a discount on the upcoming months box, and as I stated the promotional codes coming through the email list also work as well.  The only codes that have not worked are the $100 gift card that was the September Geek Box, and when I cashed in my MakerPoints for $30 off discount.  Neither of those codes would successfully apply to my Geek Box subscription.  I know in the past few months MakerGeeks has been fumbling on their orders but hopefully things are turning around and maybe this tip will soften the blow of a late Geek Box arrival if it didn’t cost full price.