Pluralsight Notes – Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications

Introduction Pluralsight is a great online resource for Developer/Technology training courses.  I have recently begun working through a bunch of courses and I thought I would begin sharing my notes I take while viewing these courses.  Effective C# Unit Testing for Enterprise Applications by Rusty Divine, aims to improve the viewers unit testing knowledge through […]

Change Default Swagger Route in an ASP.Net Core Web Api

Introduction Over the past few weeks I have been doing some work with ASP.Net Core Web Api project’s using swagger.  The setup was pretty standard until the api’s needed to be deployed to staging and production environments.  The web api’s are being hosted in docker containers behind a reverse proxy, the staging and production environments […]

Iterate Over the Results of an Azure SQL Stored Procedure in an Azure Logic App

Introduction If you need to quickly create a business workflow or other B2B integration, look no further then Azure Logic Apps. Azure Logic Apps is a cloud based workflow and integration service. With the multitude of built in connectors you can easily automate many common business workflows. The Azure SQL Database connector and execute stored […]

Running an Azure Data Factory Pipeline on a Weekday Schedule Using an Azure Function

Introduction I have written a few posts about different aspects of Azure Data Factory.  I use it as the main workhorse of my data integration and ETL projects.  One major drawback I have found with Azure Data Factory is the scheduling system, it’s not as flexible as I and many others would like it to […]