Starting an Azure Data Factory Pipeline from C# .Net


Azure Data Factory (ADF) does an amazing job orchestrating data movement and transformation activities between cloud sources with ease.  Sometimes you may also need to reach into your on-premises systems to gather data, which is also possible with ADF through data management gateways.  However, you may run into a situation where you already have local processes running or you cannot run a specific process in the cloud, but you still want to have a ADF pipeline dependent on the data being processed locally.  For example you may have an ETL process that begins with a locally run process that stores data in Azure Data Lake.  Once that process is completed you want the ADF pipeline to being processing that data and any other activities or pipelines to follow.  The key is starting the ADF pipeline only after the local process has completed.  This post will highlight how to accomplish this through the use of the Data Factory Management API.


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