MPMD: MonoPrice Mini Delta 127mm (5 inch) glass/mirror bed clips

First, Fusion360 designed thing posted to When getting started with 3D printing, there is a limit to how much random stuff you can find and print from thingiverse. At some point you want to be able to design and print your own models. I started off learning some basic concepts of modeling using tinkercad which is a great, free, web-based application for 3D design. Browsing through there catalog of items people have created on tinkercad is certainly pretty awesome, however it is web-based and does have some limitations. After some research, Fusion360 appeared to be another popular choice for 3D design and 3D printing. It can also be registered for free as long as certain criteria are met, mainly if you are using it as a hobbyist and not in a professional for profit setting.

Now onto the thing I designed. A common upgrade to the MonoPrice Mini Delta (MPMD) is adding a glass/mirror bed. The problem is getting the bed to stay in place while printing. A lot of people have just used a thermal pad underneath, which sticks to the aluminum bed that comes with the MPMD and the glass bed you put on top. The key there is it “sticks”, I bought a bunch of 5 inch (127mm) mirrors from a hobby store because I wanted to be able to swap the beds out easily. So instead of that I wanted more of a retaining clip to hold the bed in place. On thingiverse there are some MPMD clips available but most seemed to be for the Borosilicate Glass which is 120mm and would not work with my larger 5 inch (127mm) mirrors.

The clips I designed are specifically for a 5 inch (127mm) glass mirror, and also take into account another common modification which helps keep the clips from lifting during the auto bed leveling process. I also designed the clips in a way that you would not need a pin like the stock clips. There is a peg that extends from the bottom of the clip.  It needs to be a snug fit into the frame where the previous clips fit into. I included a few diameter variations of the peg to account for plastic shrinkage or frame manufacturing differences.

Link to Clips – MPMD: Monoprice Mini Delta 127mm (5 Inch) Glass/Mirror Bed Hold Down Clips